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The Miracle League was formed on 1998 as a youth baseball league for children with disabilities. In the first two years it has grown in popularity from a dozen players to more than 100 players.  And now the new complex will allow the Miracle League to serve more than 500 children. In many cases , these players and their parents will travel more than 100 miles just to be a part of the action each week.But most importantly, The Miracle League gives these special players the opportunity to suit up in a uniform, to step up to the plate, and enjoy playing the game of baseball in the purest form. It is a dream of most of these children would not be able to realize as members of a traditional youth league. These games are the same except for a few additional rules: every player get a hit, gets on base, and crosses home plate. No one keeps score , but you would never know it listening to the cheers from enthusiastic parents in the stands or teammates in the dugout. Each player is paired with a \buddy\ who helps them play the game and protects them from getting hurt.The Miracle League surface is made up of a custom designed , cushioned synthetic turf that accommodates wheel chairs and other walking assistance devices. The stadium restrooms are completely accessible to people with disabilities. The dugouts are designed so wheelchairs can easily make their way to and from home plate. Even drinking fountains were designed with these children in mind.

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