Intervention Programs

234 Goodwin Crest Drive

Birmigham, Alabama 35209

Phone: 205-290-4550

Children's Rehabilitation Service provides specialized evaluation services -- including appropriate follow-up -- through multidisciplinary teams of nurses, social workers, audiologists, speech-language pathologists, physical and occupational therapists, and nutritionists. A physician's referral is required prior to scheduling a team evaluation.

Types of evaluations:

Augmentative Communication Technology ( ACT ) Evaluation
Evaluation/intervention planning for children who may require assistive technology to achieve their maximum potential

Feeding Evaluation
Evaluation/intervention services for children with medical conditions which result in feeding problems that interfere with adequate nutrition

Hearing Aid Evaluation
Audiological services for children in need of amplification

Hearing Assessment Evaluation
Audiological assessment for children who have risk factors of developing hearing loss or have failed a previous hearing screening.

Low-Vision Evaluation
Purchased evaluation for children in need of appropriate assistive technology

Teen Transition Clinic Evaluation
Evaluation to assist youth and young adults in their planning for transitioning into adult life, including health care and independent living

Seating and Positioning Evaluation
Evaluation to address complex seating and positioning needs to enhance functional skills 

Available services, as recommended by the team, may include:

Physical, speech language, and occupational therapy
Nutritional counseling
Transportation reimbursement
Medical equipment services
Special equipment services
Low-vision appliances


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