When Jim McCormick and Elizabeth Stewart first met it didnít take long for the two to realize that they had something in common. They both wanted to help individuals with special needs and they had very specific ideas as to how they could do just that.

Jim was raised in a caring family, always ready to help those in need. Before such equipment was available, his grandfather devised a wheelchair for playing pool for a friend who loved to play the game, but had lost both legs. Even as a child, Jim remembered how inspiring it was to see an individual with a physical disability benefiting from the help of another who had the knowledge and ability to provide it.

Elizabeth also grew up in a family of service providers. Her mother taught students with learning disabilities for more than twenty-six years and instilled in Elizabeth the desire to teach students with special needs herself. Elizabeth teaches at Homewood Middle School in Birmingham, AL, specializing in working with children with moderate to severe disabilities.

Through their discussions about the extensive range of needs that individuals with disabilities and their caregivers have, Jim and Elizabeth realized the importance of having one central source that gathers information for parents, guardians, and loved ones of individuals with special needs. Utilizing their combined talents and experiences from Jimís financial background and Elizabethís educational and technical background, the two have developed this site to serve as that one central source.

From that beginning, Special Knowledge has already grown with invaluable ideas, great advice, and specific information contributed by parents and caregivers in the Birmingham area. The dedicated board members have also contributed their time and expertise for the success of the organization.

Elizabeth and Jim, along with the Special Knowledge Board Members, hope that you will find both information here that will help you and your loved one with special needs and information that will benefit him or her in the academic setting, as well as in the community. It is their hope that through Special Knowledge, individuals with disabilities will have more opportunities to live, learn, work, and enjoy the world just as their non-disabled friends do.

Please contact Elizabeth and Jim if there is anything they could help you with that is not addressed here at Special Knowledge.