“The Good Life Is One Inspired by Love and Guided by Knowledge”
-Bertrand Russell

The mission of Special Knowledge is to connect parents and caregivers of individuals with special needs to service providers that are skilled, compassionate and dedicated about working with them.  Additionally, through a social networking utility, Special Knowledge provides an online resource for the global special needs community to connect with one another in order to share their experiences and advice.  In short, Special Knowledge exists to make the lives of individuals with special needs a little easier.

Special Knowledge is being developed in two phases:

Phase One:

  • Our database will continue to grow with your help! Recommend any service provider that serves the special needs community in a positive way. You can also leave comments and rate each service provider that you use.

Phase Two:

  • Look forward to a global social networking website--a location where families can share their victories and their struggles. The Special Knowledge social network will provide members a free space to communicate with their peers around the world and down the street.

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